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Hello my dear friends! It's time to go back to university or school! Autumn creeps slowly, and this magical day we start to prepare in advance. To be the most stylish and beautiful and today I'll give you some advice and help me in this amazing online store - https://www.stylewe.com

Officially, school uniforms in schools is not a long time, but many of them have an unspoken dress code to be followed. This may be a certain color scheme, the presence of a school emblem or set length skirt. If your school is allowed to go, as you like, then the question of how to dress fashionably becomes relevant in the school. But if there are certain requirements of static and rigor, which, although a little bit, but I want to disturb, in addition, it is necessary to look fashionable, not to be a loser, then over the wardrobe will have to think thoroughly. School uniforms - this is not necessarily the boredom and uniformity. It has its own fashion, their trends, which change constantly.
To look sexy and gamonichno in business style, I suggest you wear with pants and silk and lace blouses. They look amazing, is not it?

1. WHITE BLOUSE                                                       2. BLACK BLOUSE

Two or three years ago, only experienced ladies knew what Pantaloons. But in 2016, experts predict this fashionable pants incredible popularity! It's time to take a closer look at them, and perhaps to diversify your wardrobe a stylish and unusual little things! No business outfit can not do without the stylish trousers, on a site I found a great model that will complement your wardrobe.

1. GREEN PANTS                                                              2. RED PANTS

Culottes - a wide cropped pants to mid-calf. Some bloggers have compared them with pants, skirts, others - with clown pants. Some fashion experts frighten women because they do not fit all, and clothing selection should be carried out under the culottes with incredible thoroughness. "Most favorite" has decided to make public his views on fashion trousers 2016 and draw their own conclusions!
Custom culottes length - up to mid-calf - visually shortens the figure, making it more rounded. Therefore, the girls with a curvy hips is pretty neat in choosing models! Culottes for obese women - the perfect solution!

1. BLACK PANTS                                                            2. BLACK CULLOTES

Romper- a godsend for people who prefer to dress Casual style. This is a very practical, comfortable, functional and versatile thing that came to us from the fashion 70s. And today there is a real surge of interest in fashion to this item of clothing, so in modern fashionistas and fashionistas came gorgeous selection of the most diverse, stylish, interesting and even unusual models. Designers offer various solutions to cut suit, presenting it as a full-fledged outdoor clothing (sleeves of different lengths, with a high neck or décolletage, with an open or closed back with open arms, etc.), overalls - pants (length and width trousers may be different), coveralls - shorts and overalls - skirt. As well as experimenting with materials and decor.
In addition, it is appropriate to suit any occasion and any season, it is suitable for everybody, regardless of the features of a figure, and even hide flaws and emphasize the dignity. This romper can perfectly complement your business wardrobe. What do you think? I am delighted!

1. RED ROMPER                                                        2. BLACK ROMPER

For several seasons in the ranking of the most current fashion trends confidently occupies a top place midi length. Personally, I think the most feminine midi length, so long as the clothes are always beautifully emphasize the elegance of female legs. At the same time, the length is more dangerous, because it may visually a bit "deformed" your figure. To avoid this, choose the length of the dress should be carefully adhering to simple rules.
Rule number one:
First of all, the choice of skirts or dresses midi particular attention to the silhouette and length of the dress. Tall girls can safely wear ankle-length dress, but those who can not boast of high growth - only until the middle of the knee. Attire should end above the volumetric space of your calf, so you will avoid visual "shortening" the legs.
There are examples of perfect length midi skirts on https://www.stylewe.com/category/skirts-78

1. RED SKIRT                                                                  2. BLACK MIDI SKIRT

Rule number two:
To balance the proportions of your figure, midi skirt is worn well on the waist line - not above or below. By the way, take note: this midi dress a-line help hide bulky thighs and on the contrary - add a couple of centimeters too narrow hips.
As for styles, then, if you - happy owner of a slender waist and feminine hips, feel free to choose a pencil skirt length midi. You can try to dress with a high waist, he visually lengthen legs. If you want to make a more voluminous thighs, try a low landing. Skirt a-line in proportion to balance the shoulders to the hips. Full skirt is not suitable for wearing with low growth and too wide hips. But for the tall girls with narrow hips, it is an excellent choice.
Rule number tree:
If you choose a bright and colorful skirt midi, put on top of a more relaxing color. Also, do not choose too voluminous top - in conjunction with the midi skirt visually it will make you shorter. And, of course, in addition to the midi is not necessary to select shoes on a low move - your way of supplement only heels.

      1. COLOR MIDI SKIRT                                                2. BLACK & WHITE MIDI SKIRT

By the way, look at perfect thing wich I found on the website. - In my opinion this is the best option for school or university. Write your opinion in the comments below

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